Management 306

Mauna Loa Café (Example 5)

To: Mauna Loa Café Management
From: Melissa Farias
Date: October 21, 2015
Subject: Business Development

It's the golden era for coffee lovers. Despite cafes always being in trend, consumers have grown to be particular when it comes to the quality, taste and presentation of their coffee. Mega corporations, such as Starbucks, have taken the lead in the coffee industry, invading cafe and leaving little room for them to flourish, if not, survive. Mauna Loa Café is an empire that has yet to blossom to its full potential, but just like other coffee shops who were conquered by the big companies, it too can dissipate. To prevent such occurrence, especially since our corporation is struggling, we need to shift in a different direction. With so many diverse tools at its disposal, this company has yet to use them properly due to shortages of various products, poor marketing and the deprived atmosphere that we have presented. The following information that I will offer is my business perspective on how I think we can salvage Mauna Loa Café.


We pride ourselves in using one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world to our consumers, yet, we lack variety. We have pastries to compliment our products but we don't have an exquisite menu for an exquisite cup of Kona coffee beans. We have to change the menu and add savory dishes that doesn't only consist of sweet desserts. Since we value our motto of providing the finest grade of coffee beans and give a taste of luxury to our consumers, we need to keep our stance on that belief and provide hedonistic plates to the cafes. Gourmet sandwiches, bistro salads, and appetizers rich in flavor with a Hawaiian flair are menu concepts to look into. Also, not every consumer is set on loving Kona coffee beans. Diversity in coffee beans is a necessity for every coffee shop. Aside from providing Kona beans, we should indulge other types from around the world, especially Kopi Luwak beans. Kopi Luwak, also known as civet coffee, is a type of coffee berry that is eaten and excreted by the Asian palm civet. Remarkable, isn't? There are many customers who enjoys an acquired taste of civet droppings and since it's refreshingly different, but still luxurious, it can attract a new crowd of revolutionary patrons.


Without a marketing plan, no matter how good the product is, a business cannot prevail. A strong marketing team is needed in order to make the foundation of any organization, next to human resources. And our company desperately needs a marketing plan that is innovated. A few things that can be added to the plan is the way we attract our clients. A lot of clients love to sample before they buy, especially if he/she is indecisive of what to get due to not knowing how a certain coffee tastes like or what is tickling to his/her liking at the moment. By offering coffee samples, it can provide a deeper connection between the customer and the items we are selling. Advertisements of happy hour menus and the occasional event of buying any drink or meal and get the other half is another route to go. Most consumers likes a bargain and despite the indulgent investment they are making for themselves when they go to a luxurious cafe, they like knowing they can get more than their dollars' worth. Setting up specials on the menu, having half off events and even giving away free sample bags of coffee beans when they spend over $20.00 is a way to keep clients intrigued. We can also host monthly events of book signings, support local artists and have them perform live music or any artistic lesson that may interest our clients. Another thing I would like to elaborate on is service. Service sells and marketing our shops with impeccable provision is a way to boost sales. We are retailing an exclusive service to our consumers, therefore, customer amenities should be top notch. Training our staff to carry on their duties in a professional fashion is crucial. From the moment our client enters the door, he/she should be treated with the outmost respect and be given the attention that he/she deserves by our staff. No exceptions.


Imagine this—You're walking around the city on a cold autumn day. The light breeze touches your skin, ever so gently. As your feet wanders around, your eyes soaking up the warmth of the fall colored leaves, and your nose softly catches a sniff of the scent of roasted coffee, you notice Mauna Loa café. You step into the dark wooded doors and find yourself approached by a staff member, who is greeting and welcoming you to the luxurious world of coffee and savory dishes. As you sit down to look at the menu, you look around and feel as if you've been transported to a different place. The atmosphere is warm, cozy, with rich camel leather seats, mahogany colored tables and touched by a modern Hawaiian decor. You instantly feel as if you've traveled back to Hawaii, and got caught on a tropical rainstorm as you explored the island, only to have found a cafe and went in for a rich cup of coffee as you watch the rain drops hit the ground from the glass window. Yes, this is also considered marketing, but it's so important that it has to become an element on its own. Atmosphere is an extremely important component in a cafe where customers will be in and out of. The environment that we provide has to satisfy not only our concept as a company, but it has to meet the demands of the consumers who are willing to sit down and enjoy a fresh brew of coffee or plate. The setting has to be warm, inviting, luscious, and have that peaceful effect where we can mentally transport the consumer into a different space where they can feel special and at ease. Colors, furniture, lighting, decor, the layout of the front register section and the display of the products we sell, are all essential to have a successful and blooming cafe.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, I would be more than happy to assist with more elaborate information involving statistics, financing, marketing polls or any other information you may seek. I sincerely believe that the three concepts I mentioned is a good starting point to look over and cogitate. Every business needs a good variety of products to sell, strong marketing techniques and a vivid atmosphere that will make the costumers feel right at home. I would like to thank you for even considering me in proposing a plan to benefit this company. I do have a strong vision for Mauna Loa café and I am confident that together we can fulfill the vision that we all have for this empire that has yet to blossom.