Management 306

School Information (Example 3)

To: Penny Garzon
From: Bibi Guerrero
Date: April 21, 2016
Subject: Information About College

Greetings Penny! It is good to hear from you and the fact that you are interested in learning more about other colleges like CSUSB. It makes me happy to see how encourage you are in furthering your education by taking your time to explore other colleges and universities. Even though your sister and a good friend of mine, Marguerite Garzon, is currently going to a good university like Ohio State University, you will find that CSUSB is a diverse, fun, close to nature and high academic university. Hopefully with my following responses to your questions, I will be able to help you and show you how great of a university CSUSB is and has been to me over the years.

Regarding your first question about how difficult the work is? College in general is a time in your life where as a college student it is good to test your limits, give it your very best in each class and at the same time enjoy your life. Now, the workload compare to high school is it a bit more because as a college student you are expected to dedicate your own time in reading each chapter in the course before class, doing your homework and any projects that are assign to you. Keep in mind that the level of difficulty for each class depends on each student and how much time they personally dedicate to the class to learn and study for that course. For example, I remember my first year in college there was a class I was scared to take because I have heard from various students that that class was hard, that class was statistic. Once having taken that class and doing everything I was expected to do, I discover how fun and easy it was for me, but yet at the beginning of the course I was scared. Why? Because I had let the comments of other students influence me as to how I perceive that class. Only you could determine if that class if hard for you or easy.

As to your second question about if it is manageable to have a part-time job and go to school. Yes, it is manageable. It is a natural thing for a college student to be going to school and having a part-time job. You will be surprise as to how many students are studying full time and going to work part-time. The secret in being able to do good in school while going to work, is on how well you manage your time. I remember the first quarter I had to work part-time and go to school fulltime, it was hard for me at first. With time, I learned how to manage both worlds by learning how to manage my time. A way you could manage your time is by having an agenda where you write down all the important dates, things that you have to do in school and in work. As simple as it sounds, this is a good way, as for a college student, to manage their time and this method has personally help me a lot!

For your third question about if the instructors are accessible and if you could have a one-on-one time with them? The instructors always try their best to make themselves accessible to the students. At the beginning of each course the instructor goes over the different timings and days they are in their office or in school. As a student it is important to email them before going to seek out help or ask any questions so that you know if they are currently free or if they are not they will let you know. Another thing you could do is set up an appointment with them where you could have that one-on-one time. For example with each instructor, if I have a question, I make it a habit to email them before hand or set up an appointment. This way is always beneficial for you and for them.

As for your fourth question about if fraternities or sororities are popular and what is the social life like at CSUSB? Like mention previously, CSUSB is a diverse university so you are able to meet many people from all over the world and learn about their different cultures. Like for example in one of my upper division classes, I met a classmate, who is now a good friend of mine that was from Ireland and I was able to learn a lot from their culture. It is exciting to know that for each class you take you might meet someone from a different country. As for the fraternities and sororities, it is a popular thing for college students to be part of one of many fraternities and sororities available at CSUSB. Even though I'm not part of a sorority, I do have many friends who are in a fraternity or sorority and are always sharing stories as to how much fun they have in them. As to your other question of what people do for fun? Since CSUSB is surrounded by nature, a lot of college students either go for a hike, or decide to enjoy the nature by laying the grass. There's a lot of attractions near CSUSB like different malls, the beach, amusement parks, lakes and the mountains if you decide you want to camp. There is always something to do on your free time since CSUSB is close by to many places.

Regarding your last question about whether or not there's a debate club at CSUSB? This university does have a really good debate club where they go and compete both locally and nationally. Students who are part of this program have the opportunity to convert their debate abilities to skills. If you are interested in knowing more about this program you could contact Emily Edric through her email at

I hope that these answers and hints about college life will be a good help to you in deciding which university you would like to become part of. Hopefully I have answered all your questions and if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to email me at any time. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions for you! I wish you the best of luck in your journey of exploring different universities and I hope I get to see you around, if you decide to attend to CSUSB.