Management 306

Writing Workshop (Example 2)

Corner Café

To: All Corner Café Employees
From: Drew Allensworth
Date: February 2, 2017
Subject: Opportunity to Increase Pay and Keep Corner Café Away From the 'Coroner'

Good morning Corner Café staff. By now, all of you have heard about our signage snafu. We received quite a few emails, some from amused customers, but one in particular caught my attention. The Health Department saw no humor in our mistakes. While the inglorious grammar was embarrassing, misspelled menu items such as "Coroner Café's Signature Steamed Muscles" prompted an inspector to visit us yesterday. As you know, if we fall out of favor with the Health Department, the letter rating of the cafe could be reduced. If that occurs, fewer customers will dine here and we will struggle to stay in business.

However, writing is a skill that all of us can improve. Starting next week, the Café will be hosting on OPTIONAL six-week writing course open to every employee. Although the classes are not mandatory, the skills are so valuable that any employee who attends all six weeks will receive a 25¢ per hour pay raise!

The classes will be taught here by Dr. Connie Jugate, a professor of English at Treleaven Community College.

Dr. Jugate is a former high school drop-out who waited tables throughout her college journey. She knows exactly what we need and the types of backgrounds we come from. Every class is tailored just for us.

Each week's 90-minute class has a single topic, and will be offered twice to accommodate our different schedules. We close early on Mondays and open late on Fridays. You have a choice to attend one of the two weekly sessions. The first will be on Monday evenings at 5:30pm, after the Café closes. The other is Friday mornings at 8:30am, before the Café opens for lunch. Class time is paid, set at the overtime rate, and only one class per week (for six weeks) is needed to qualify for the pay increase. We'll fire-up the coffee makers and I contacted our neighbors at Tito's Big Texas Tacos, Pho Star Bowl #13, Pine Street Bakery, and The Codfather to provide free breakfast and dinner, depending on the session.

Maybe you don't believe these workshops will help, you can "right" just fine, or that you will always struggle because English is not your first language. Consider this: others will judge you, and the Café, by your writing. These classes will be a safe, supportive environment for you to learn and grow new writing skills. Getting what you want (or need) depends on expressing yourself clearly and effectively. Good writing is the key. Especially if English is not your first language, Dr. Jugate knows how to help you show your talents to an English-reading audience. There are no expectations for skills coming into the course. However, you can expect to take new skills from it.

I will be at every session, learning with all of you. Sign up for the six workshops and together we can improve both our writing and the public image of the Café. The sign-up sheet is located in the break room next to the lockers. Your participation will keep Corner Café away from the morgue!