Management 306

Writing Workshop (Example 4)

The Friendly Veggie

To: The Friendly Veggie Employees
From: Malik Almatroodi
Date: October 18, 2016
Subject: Professional Development Courses

Greetings TFV staff! Sales are up, costs are down, and apparently we have ''free wife" for all customers. I am sure we all simultaneously cringed when a picture of our lovely cafe sign went viral on Instagram last Tuesday because of the alphabetic "oops" of one of the well-meaning members of our team that stood in place of our announcement of free wifi, but we need to look at this as an opportunity for improvement. I know that this mistake is not indicative of the literary skills of the TFV team, but it does remind us all that we are just as vulnerable to making the same mistake if we do not work on our written communication skills. We all need to work on being conscious communicators, as well as individuals who can send a message in a grabbing way to bring more customers in, so it is time for some good old professional development.

I know that you are all busy university students, and so even getting to your shift on time is a dutiful labor of maturity, but part of your job here at TFV is communicating with customers so any weakness there requires attention. I know that all of you possess the capability to become effective writers, and so you will get a chance to work on your current level of writing at the English lessons that will be mandatory events for the following six weeks. Professor Litmus from Pathway University will come to our store every Tuesday and Thursday after closing shift to provide us with written communication classes, and he will go over everything from spelling to grammar and the punctuation that goes between it all. The goal is that by the end of these classes you will be conscious writers with a flare for the imaginative in the way you present our daily specials, but not in the way you choose to spell common words. I am sure that we will all benefit from these classes, and so I will make sure to be attendance at each and every class as well to both show my support and acquire some new tips on writing skills as well.

Now, you all know me to be a very fun loving and supportive boss, so you can rest assured that your time in these classes will be paid as hours worked at TFV, and I will make sure you are fed prior to the start of every class. However, my fun loving self is still going to be strict on the matter that all employees have to attend this six-week course if they want to remain employed at TFV. I can laugh off one grammar "oops" gone viral, but on the second one I will take more stringent matters into consideration for the offender. Staff members that attend all classes without a single absence will also receive a 50 cent raise an hour starting in January, and we will have a Communication Class survival party upon the close of the six weeks to keep everyone motivated to stick with it until the end.

I know that this will be a bit of an added strain to some of your schedules for the upcoming month and a half, but I thank you all for showing your dedication to TFV by keeping good attendance and participating in these classes that Professor Litmus is so generously providing us free of charge. I will be at every class, and I will be taking notes alongside all of you, so think of this as a professional development course for the TFV family that will make all of us better communicators.

The classes start on Tuesday, October 25th, and so I expect to see all of you there with spiral bound notebooks, sharpened pencils, and an attitude that is just giddy with excitement for all you will learn. See you then!