Management 306

Writing Workshop (Example 5)

To: Wine & Dine Staff
From: Mirasol Muico
Date: October 18, 2016
Subject: Free Writing Skills Workshop

As many of you are aware, I have been receiving many phone calls and emails regarding a mishap on one of the Wine & Dine advertisement signs we have posted. The sign had a lunch special that included broccoli, however, the sign read as "brokely". Although, I have taken an immediate action to correct this by taking the sign down, it is important that we take the necessary step to correct the root of the problem. It is crucial that we work as a team to ensure we maintain a good reputation with the public. In order to prevent this incident from occurring again, I am proposing for all employees to take advantage of the free six-week fundamental writing skills workshop.

Improvement of writing skills, in addition to verbal skills, will lead to effective communication. Hence, I have done some research and I have decided to hire Dr. MacDonald from Treleavan Community College to conduct the workshop sessions. With her years of experience of teaching writing skills, I am more than confident that she will provide us the necessary tools and techniques to improve and sharpen our writing skills.

Even though the fundamental writing skills workshop is not mandatory, I am highly encouraging all staff members, including myself, to participate in all six sessions. In doing so, I believe that we can learn to write clearly and effectively. Thus, saving our restaurant from future embarrassment. Starting on October 24, 2016, the workshop will be held Monday through Friday from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at our restaurant, specifically in the employees' training room. This is to give everyone an opportunity to attend throughout the week. However, sessions will not be offered on the weekends to ensure we have adequate employee coverage when we are at our busiest. With that said, the sign up sheets are now available and can be found in the employees' break room.

As a motivation to participate, you will be compensated for the hours spent during each session and will be reflected on your paycheck. All those who complete the entire sessions will also be entered into a raffle with the chance to win a $300 visa gift card. You will also receive a certificate of completion, which you may be able to use for your personal and professional advancement. More importantly, you will gain knowledge and benefit from attending this opportunity without a doubt.

I strongly believe that effective communication is vital in our company, and improving our writing skills will help us attain that. In an effort to support and promote employee development, I am urging all staff member to take this opportunity and participate in the workshop. This is an opportunity that will benefit you in whatever career you choose to pursue, whether it be within or outside of our company.