Management 306


During the quarter you complete homework assignments. Each assignment will be evaluated by your classmates. They will vote "promote" or "don't promote" based on the quality of your writing. The voting will be anonymous.

If you earn a majority of "promote" votes, you are promoted to the next level. Otherwise, no promotion!


Everyone has to write a paper on Margin Call.

If you earn zero promotions, you have to write a 25 page paper, but if you earn four promotions, you only have to write a five page paper.

0 Promotions=25 Pages
1 Promotion=20 Pages
2 Promotions=15 Pages
3 Promotions=10 Pages
4 Promotions=5 Pages

By earning four promotions, you reduce the paper you must write by 20 pages.


I do not coordinate your homework for you. Do not email it to me, drop it off for me, etc. If you do, I will put it in the recycle bin and it will not count.

Bring your homework to class on the day it is due. If you cannot make class, arrange for someone to be responsible for your homework.

There are no demotions—only promotions.

If you are not promoted, you can revise your homework and bring it to the next class. If it is satisfactory, I will promote you.